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The Castle of Cros offers by its geographical situation an exceptional tourist and cultural attractiveness.

On the verge of the Parc Naturel Régional des Grands Causses, Parc National des Cévennes and near of the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut Languedoc …                 the Castle of Cros is implanted on one of the biggest natural spaces of Europe....
Contrasted landscapes: plateaus, valleys, canyons
Exceptional natural sites: the Cirque of Navacelles, the caves of Labeil, Aven Armand, Dargiland, Aven de Mas Raynal,


At feet of the Castle several pedestrian roads invite you in the walk and in the discovery.
Paths of big and small hikes, tracks, route make you discover the architecture traditional caussenarde and the multiple landscapes " ruiniformes " the impressive ghostly figures of limestone of which will give free rein has your imagination.
Dolmens, menhirs, capitelles, lavognes, clapasses succeed one another at the rate of your stroll by arousing surprise and enthusiasm.
Accessible to any ages roads and paths of Cros offer a palette of landscapes of a big beauty and a crazy charm. 


●  The Castle of Cros is in the heart of an exceptional cultural place.
- The circuit of the Knight Templars :
Medieval city of the Couvertoirade real jewel of the historic heritageof Larzac.
Fondation Templière de la Cavalerie
Commanderie Templière of Saint-Eulalie de Cernon
Le-Viala-Du-Pas-De-Jaux, a tower attic strengthened

The Castle of Cros is near a cultural heritage of a big wealth:
The fortress of admirable Saint-Jean-D'Alcas a small village strengthened by the XVéme century.
Prieuré St Michel de Grandmont, very beautiful monument classified of the XIIth century, church, convent, conventual buildings.
The abbey of Sylvanès magnificent Cistercian monument of 1136.
The Cathedral Saint Fulcran in Lodève ( strengthened Gothic cathedral) built in the XIIIth and XIVth century.
The Romanic churches
The archeological site of Graufesenque
Saint Guilhem the Desert (jewel of the Romanesque art, this sanctuary was based at the beginning of IX ° century)

● Museums:
The Fleury museum of lodéve (geology, paleontology, prehistory, Roman and medieval periods, textile industry, Fine art)
Museums of Millau (glove , skin, gallo-roman pottery.......)
The museum of automatom to Saucliéres.
The museum of the traditions of the South Aveyron in Cornus

● The Castle of Cros is in the center of a famous gastronomic region.
Caves de Roquefort
The “terroirs” markets
The regional products : cheeses, pastis of Homs, brandy, cooked pork meats of the soil, the goose lever, the honeys canned food, bovine traditional breeding of Aubrac


● The Castle of Cros is situated at the border of the biggest vineyard of the world.

It is at feet of the plateau of Larzac, there where the vineyard comes to prop up over the first bastion of the Massif Central that in this unusual place, made by cliffs and by mass of fallen rocks the terraces of the larzac command the passage between the world of the Mediterranean vineyard and that of the ministers of the high trays of the Central Massif.
In 10 km of the Castle hung on the foothills of Larzac the soil " terraces of Larzac " AOC Coteaux du Languedoc extends over an area of very vast production grouping together32 municipalities of the department of the Hérault among which Aniane, Montpeyroux, Pegairolles de l' Escalette, Saint Saturnin …
The AOC and local wines produced in this geographical zone constitute the best “ fleurons” of the vine growing from the Languedoc.

● The Castle of Cros is a tremendous stage to go to meet a crafts in full development:
Ceramic, pottery, weaving, wood sculptures, tanning, glass-blower.


● The Castle of Cros is near the viaduct of Millau, suspension bridge with shrouds, an exceptional work of engineering. 



Vue panoramique de la terrasse solarium

Plateau du Causse