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For most the XII century, the seigneury of Cros stayed under direct dependence of the bishops of Lodève until 1562.

The bishop René de Birague sold the seigneury of Cros to Jacquesd' Albesquier, consul of Lodève from 1562 till 1586.

He occupied the rank of first Consul when in October, 1585, the city of Lodève was taken by the duke of Montmorency.

Jacques d' Albesquier dealt with the duke, then plotted against him and was put in the secret in La Couvertoirade in 1586.

The seigneury of Cros was then sold to Pierre de Julien who is at the origin of the construction of the Castle.

Former house of the bishops, the seigneury of Cros was previously a house in three floors, a very rare construction for period.

François de Julien, consul of Lodève, sold the castle of Cros to the family of de La Treilhe in 1627.

This family was installed in Lodévois since 1430 date the appointment of Pierre de La Treilhe as bishop of Lodève.

Jean Jacques de La Treilhe, Lord of Foziéres and Cros begins important arrangements of the current castle.

In 1723 Jean François de la Treilhe sells the seigneury of Cros to Antoine de Mazeran General mayor of Cavalry.

From the revolution in 1789 the castle of Cros does not represent any more a seigneury and becomes successively a property of families.

Accustomed the restorations of the former houses, Marie Isabelle de Lourtioux, owner of the Castle, has just realized important works of renovation which make of the castle of Cros a house of charm.

The castle of Hosts du Cros proposes hosts' table full of surprises and an accommodation of character with very attractive decoration.

This magnificent building of XII century offers all the necessary comfort in a frame which knew how to preserve all the magic of its history.

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