Le Château du Cros
Place du Château
Le Cros 34520

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A table full of surprises

A cooking in the fireplace or in the barbecue in the dining room of the castle or on the terraces which overhang the wooded park and the limestone plateau of Larzac.

A cooking " in the instinct " classic or creative always printed by a personal touch which surprises by its originality and its variety.

A cooking of formerly with current tastes.

The cooking privileges the rhythm of the seasons with pushes of exoticism.

Wild salads, cooked pork meats, meats of Aubrac, poultry, rabbits, games, farandole of prepared dried, fresh, stuffed, traditional cooking, cheeses, desserts...

... the whole accompanied by quality wines that it is about wines aoc or about varietal wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon wines.



The Castle of Cros is situated near the biggest vineyard of the world.

It is at feet of the plateau of Larzac, there where the vineyard comes to prop up over the first bastion of the Massif Central that in this unusual place, made by cliffs and by mass of fallen rocks.

The terraces of the larzac command the passage between the world of the Mediterranean vineyard and that of the shepherd of the high plateau of the Massif Central.

In 10 km of the Castle hung on the foothills of Larzac the soil " terraces of Larzac ". AOC Coteaux du Languedoc extends over an area of very vast production grouping together 32 municipalities of the department of the Hérault among which Aniane, Montpeyroux, Pegairolles de l' Escalette, Saint Saturnin…

The AOC and varietal wines produced in this geographical zone constitute the best “fleurons” of the vineyard from the Languedoc.

Cheminée traditionnelle